ortho tri cyclen..

Hi ladies! I have a question I’m sorry if Im being repetitive but I’m kinda new in this topic.

I was on sronyx since December last year and everything was really good except I didn’t get my period for a long amount of time and my GYN told me she was gonna Switch me to ortho tri cyclen, well she did that on October but I still had one pack left of sronyx and she told me to just finish that one and start the new cycle with ortho tri cyclen which I did BUT she told me I was going to have breakthrough bleeding and that was totally normal.

Well the thing is I’m now expecting my period which the dr told me I was for sure going to have with this pill but is not here yet 🙊 and I didn’t had the breakthrough bleeding either and I’m feeling funny since last week but I thought it was because I switched pills..

I’m sexually active with my boyfriend and he does cum inside me, I guess my question is could be pregnant cause we didn’t use any other back up contraceptive? Is it totally normal that I didn’t bled when switching and now I’m not having my period again?

Please help me as I’m new at this, and no I’m not young I’m just trying to understand this, Thank you 💕