Husband and my belly

Hey. I’m 6 weeks 6 days today and my husband keeps blowing kisses or kissing my belly. I jokingly ask him what he is up to and he just says ‘none of your business’ because he doesn’t want to admit it is for baby, but I know. I think it’s really sweet he is already trying to get a bond with the baby. He is a little naive though, he thinks he can feel baby in my belly and I tell him it’s too small. About the size of a chickpea but he is so sweet. I thank allah because a couple weeks ago he was so anti having a baby right now, (medication I am on is not safe for baby and I have to take it or I get Ill and I’m in my final year at uni) now he is falling in love, gives baby kisses and is more looking out for me. Ma’ShaAllah. Thanks Allah