First time I ever used my emergency brakes

I'm just diving to work today

And my car just locks up. The gas and brakes didn't work.

The steering wheel didn't work. Then my car died.

And so I just start rolling down hill. I turned my hazards on and pulled my emergency brake and then put my car in park.

I had to call my mother who had to come help me move my car off the road. Then I had to figure out what was wrong with it. It's fine now, I got to go to work and then drive home.

But that was scary. I literally got scared because I was just rolling backwards and had no control. I was shaking when I called my mom lol

It was out of oil, i don't know jack shit about cars but there's some kind of hose that had a hole and was leaking oil and we got that replaced. I was 2 hours late to work and this happened right down the road from my work 🙄

My engine should have blown but instead my car just died.