Dear baby i let go of...

Nobody warned me...

Of how empty

I would feel when

I let go of you...

My sweet light.

How you'd glow

And soften the world,

My world

With your presence.

And you shone so bright

Yet so timidly...

You were the music in me.

I was supposed to keep you safe,

Protect you, be a shelter in the coldest of nights.

The circumstances

Of our love

Was built on shaking ground.

You were the beauty in disaster,

My constant in a life of variables..

now you're gone.

i can only hope i haven't seen the last of you.. my sweet light.

Because in a world of darkness,

You provided me with sight.

To my sweet baby, Mommy misses you so much.. I hope you'll forgive me for what I did. 😭💔