Pregnant with our rainbow baby!!!

Ellen •

So I just had to share my joy! We suffered a loss at 6 weeks in April, and have been trying to conceive again since. My body was thrown off so I've been on Clomid thw past couple cycles, and was told if we didn't get pregnant this cycle, we'd be referred to a specialist.

I was praying it was a sign when I got a positive OPK early (my cycles were more drawn out for a while)- and I ended up ovulating on November 29th, which would have been our angel baby's due date.

I thought maybe it was a sign that this was our month! Not to mention, I got married to my amazing incredible husband on Friday, December 8th 2017, and my birthday is the 9th, I kept thinking it would be amazing to find out we're starting the family we want so badly 💜

This morning I got a faint line.. by afternoon there was no denying it!! Our little rainbow baby is on the way!!! Praying for a healthy 9 months and a very sticky little bean 💜

We are so ecstatic!! What a wonderful and amazing gift, we feel truly blessed!

I ran out to get a cute onesie- we say this to each other- and my husband included it in his vows 💜

I wrapped it and the test with rainbow ribbon

And then wrapped it in silver paper, and told him our friends had forgotten one of the wedding gifts in their trunk 😂 he suspected nothing!!!

He was so happy and excited!!!

Sorry, I just had to gush!!! 😍