Well, I have been married for a while now but for different reasons my hubby and I don’t do the deed too often but every time I try to change that ( by actually making time ) I get a bladder infection. I’m so discouraged because I don’t get to enjoy sex like other couples. I pee as soon as we are done, I wash my self also ... I don’t know what else to do. I went to my doctor, the check my vaginal conduct, took some samples and everything was good. No STDs, no abnormalities. My pee samples in emergency shows infection but I have never heard back from my doctor to tell me the name of the bacteria or if they even found a bacteria ( they normally call you if you have one ) I always go thru the same. Antibiotics and then with no desire of having intercourse with my husband :( The worse is that I’m trying to conceive and this month we had lots of action and as you can imagine, I’m writing this post while painfully peeing in the toilet ( sorry for the visuals ) Many of the people also recommend to elevate the legs and wait for 10 min after sex but I can’t even do that because it will increase my chances of a bladder infection. Help!! I need advices