Who’s being selfish? Him or I


So my BF and I have been together for little over 1 yr now. We met at work. 3 yrs ago before our relationship existed my BF moved from his hometown with his then GF and their 4 yr old daughter to advance in his career at work. While working on his goals his then GF breaks up and walks out on him and she moves back to their hometown. Fast forward to now, He has finally reached his goals and has been promoted at work! With time, him and I get together. 2 months into our relationship he brings up that he wants to go back home since his purpose at work is complete and now wants to be closer to his daughter and family. However, he wants me to move back out there with him?! Honestly, I don’t get too happy with the thought of moving? Plus, ill be leaving MY hometown and my family. He’s been the greatest person in my life, and I love him very much. Although we don’t see eye to eye about this topic none of two decides to do what’s next? We keep stalling with no answer. However, from time to time he still brings up again that he is moving back home, at this point it will be months away. I feel that’s selfish of him, it’s hard to give him a solid answer when I didn’t expect this. Maybe if he would’ve been completely honest with me, then maybe this would’ve been a different turn out? :(