My husband and I rescued an 8 week old puppy who is now 10 weeks. We’ve been trying to crate train her for the last two weeks and nothing is working! We’ve done all training tips I’ve read online and nothing is working. I’ve gotten her the thunder jacket, fed her in her crate, given her treats, have clothes that smell like us, etc. We definitely have made progress from the first few nights. She now goes into the crate without a fight but will not stay unless she sees us. My husband and I have literally been taking turns sleeping on the floor in front of her crate so she doesn’t cry/howl/bark the whole night. All dogs hate the crate at first but will usually settle themselves after awhile but she will not settle herself. She will cry for hours. We have another puppy who is one and loves her crate! At this point I don’t know what to do? Anyone have advice or have been through this?