3 frozen blastocyst FET February 2018

3 blastocyst frozen over the weekend. 1 4BB and 2 3BB. Was hoping all 5 would be frozen since they where all 8 cells and where doing well on day 5 per nurse but only 3. My clinic seems to have different standards of what they choose to freeze because I see others freezing embryos at day 3 🧐🤨 extremely confusing!! Have to question the details they don’t give details on reasons why easily. Which can be frustrating... it only takes one...I’ve been telling myself and trying to remain positive! I have faith that this will work but, when information is being withheld or the follow up calls are so short I question the process and if I chose the right clinic. So many women have great connections with their RE’s and the staff at the clinic but, there’s a total disconnect between myself and the staff at the clinic I’m paying all my money to. *long sigh*