Pregnant 4 weeks post-op c-section!

I had my daughter in November by c-section. It's the first of 3 born by c section. So of course the recovery is different. But I stopped bleeding over a week ago, I was having no pain so me and my SO had sex, and have had sex multiple times since. We used a condom all times. I'm not on any other form of birth control but do breastfeed. I have had no bleeding, just the light colored lochia that's normal toward the end of recovery. Today I felt very dizzy and felt really sick to my stomach and after I used the bathroom when I wiped I had some pink tinged vaginal bleeding. It looked mucous as well. I thought I might be starting my first cycle post recovery but when I went to the bathroom again, and since then, I've had just a scant amount of pink tinged bleeding and nothing else. Or have nothing at all. Now I'm freaking out that it looks like implantation bleeding. But we used a condom all times and Neither of us think it broke or leaked at all. I mean I didn't hardcore inspect them but I did see them after. We use the latex free Skynz. Anyone had this and it be normal after a c section?