pregnant & homeless


hello I'm 28years old , I have two kids ages 9 and 5, I'm currently pregnant going into my 6 month of pregnancy. this has not been my year, I lost my apartment last year in November , due to no rent control, and I was in between jobs and I was staying with my bf ( who is the father to my unborn child) and his family, up until a few months ago we were given a 72 hour notice to vacate the premises from the owners because me and my kids and my bf were not on the lease, long story short the owners started to harass me and my kids like follow us to the bank and the market until one day I told her I was calling the cops and that's when the owners wanted nothing to do with me and my kids and bf. we left peacefully to avoid more problems and drama. we ended up staying at my sister's house which didn't work out , so we stayed at motels but that only went for so long because motels are expensive and you can only stay 28 days then you have to leave for a certain amount of time. I went to seek help from the county and got help for motel for a extra month then that was it. unfortunately I can not work because I have to many complications with my pregnancy. anyways I ended up packing up mine and my kids clothes and moved to Hemet to stay with a friend and it didn't work out cuz the school was calling me telling me I had put my kids in school no matter the situation I am in. The schools in he met are far away and I have no car so it makes it hard to get around, even to the store. so now I'm back in the valley with no where to go no where to call home, I'm so overwhelmed I can't enjoy my pregnancy or the holidays, I have no money to buy my kids gifts . but it's kids dad is no help. I asked him if he could help me by giving me money or taking the kids until I can find a place but he refuses to help. my bf is still staying with his parents when my kids go with their dad (which is every other weekend) I go to sleep with my bf at his parents house, people have offered to help me but tell me I can not bring my bf along with me, it sucks cuz he works and I don't, and he really wants to be there with me through all that we are going through. It's hard to save money when he has bills to pay and his parents charge him rent. I'm desperate for a place to call home for me and my family. I have tried calling shelters I get no call backs and many people who rent rooms say it's to many people for a room or they don't want kids or someone who doesn't work. I'm asking for a miracle , or something. I'm losing faith and hope.