I was scared for no reason


This whole pregnancy I was terrified of the thought of giving birth, having the epidural and just labour in general. I was having the worst contractions for about 3 days until on the 4th they finally admitted me. Saturday I went to the hospital crying cause my back was in so much pain they checked me and I was 3cm so they just sent me home and gave me a shot of morphine, they told me I could be 3cm for days even weeks. I was so miserable but the morphine definetly helped. Sunday morning the pain was even worse once the morphine wore off, I was trying so hard to fight through it until I couldn't take it anymore. I went back in and they checked me and they were so surprised that I progressed to 5cm over night and at that point I started freaking out I was so terrified because I was going to be having my baby that day. They brought me into my room and called for me to get the epidural. Honestly I was scared for no reason it was the best I was so glad I got it. About 4 hours later I was 7cm and they said they were going to break my water and I tried so hard to ask them to wait a bit because I knew how fast I'd progress after that but they said no and said they will come back in 4 hours to see if I'm ready to push. An hour later I had so much pressure feeling like I had to push, instantly my fear went away I just couldn't hold the feeling back. After a half hour of pushing my baby boy was born. The nurses were so amazed with how well I pushed with being a first time mom and with how much I pressed the epidural button. Anthony Brian Oscar. December 10 2017 at 3:30pm. 6lbs 7oz