Does my baby sleep too much?


We had her on the 7th so she’s only 4 days old, but the last few days I’ve had the hardest time feeding her. She sleeps for hours and won’t wake up to feed. I have to try to make her get up to eat and it’s almost impossible. Tonight the only thing that got her up was a super cold glass I had just poured juice in and I put it all over her body till she was awake enough to latch on. I’m breastfeeding and she seems to fall asleep all the time during feeds too so I’m hoping she’s getting enough. She’s pooping and peeing pretty normally but I just worry about how sleepy she is all the time. Is that normal?

UPDATE! So I called the lactation specialist we have on base and she came out to visit us. Adeline is eating great and has gained 8oz since bringing her home on sat and has passed her birth weight. She said since she was born just before 39 weeks she is going to be a little sleepier than she usually would. So I feel so much better. Thank you all for your thoughts and help!