I just had a flashback from something

I think I might’ve been raped and just realized it. So about two years ago I had slept with my ex boyfriend and I was high. so I just remembered this happened. I wanted to have sex at first but eventually I didn’t want to anymore because he was drunk and wasn’t finishing, I told him I wanted to stop and to get me to stop talking he forced himself into my mouth, then covered my mouth with his hand and continued to have sex with me. I was so high and was almost amused but I didn’t want it. I kept saying I had to go, and no but he wouldn’t let me go. I bled afterwards for about two weeks. Is this rape? I’m unsure, and now that I’m thinking about it I’m really upset. I feel like I always over analyze things to an extent that they aren’t, so maybe it isn’t even a big deal, but I said no. 🙁