Fever after 4 months shots!


*long post*

How normal is this.

For one, she has Down syndrome and I have no idea if this makes it more serious or not but her fever started at 99.2 under the armpit. I couldn’t give her Tylenol bc I didn’t have any at that time. That was around 4 pm, around 6 pm her temp rectally was 100.8 so I bought Tylenol. The dr told us .6 ml every 4 hours.. so I’ve been doing that and here we are, 5 am and still fever. I checked and it was 102. I’m not sure if the heat from blankets is making it that high or what. So I took her pants off and left her uncovered for about 5 minutes with the fans on and then her legs felt kind of cold so I took her temp again and it was still 102... she had her 4 months shots. From around 4 pm- 7 she was really cranky and out of it when her shots were at 11 am. She’s been sleeping since 7 pm and I make sure to wake her up to feed and check her temp again. And when she wakes up even for a second she starts making wining noises. I don’t know if I should be worried.

Thanks all!