Whic One

I need help! so for this i’ll just use numbers. there’s this one boy I met close to the beginning of the school year his name is #1 we got super close and we hung out a lot and I trust him with everything and I feel so comfortable around him. then one day he tells me he just wants to be close friends. I started texting this guy #2 and #1 found out and started getting super close to me again and very caring. I started to get feelings for #2 and I want a relationship that I can settle down with and I know #2 can bring me that. I told #1 all of this and he said he felt dumb cause it’s like someone took me from him and he said he loved me and he didn’t want to but I was perfect and #1 and I are so close but I think I ruined it and now I don’t know if I should go with #1 or #2! HELP!!

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