I shouldn't! but symptom spotting!!


I am making a topic where we can all vent together and get our symptom spottings out together and can help each other with relatable symptoms.. I know it's way too early for me to even remotely have any pregnancy symptoms cravings won't start etc as implantation wouldn't have occurred yet.... so here's my symptom spottings.. I am now currently 4 days p.o. I keep getting incredibly sharp cramping pains on and off throughout the day for the past 2 days. I am craving sweets like quite a lot more than usual. I am eating my equivalent in body weight too which I never do... my nipples get itchy every now and then which I never have.. I have sharp shooting pains in my boobs every now and then and they ache all over not just on the outsides. I am dead tired... like I can sleep and sleep if I wanted to. I keep getting an upset stomach.. and keep sneezing and sometimes a sniffly nose but not coming down with a cold. I get a bit of an achy back now and then. these could all be relatable to AF too but I feel different this time round. hoping it's my month. I am due on the 22nd. I am not allowed to test until my partner said it's ok to so I don't get depressed about getting negatives. I hope you all get your bfps and will be interesting to see all your symptoms too and how many dpo you all are and of it lead to a BFP!!'