Might be pregnant?

so thr last I've seen my bf was 6 weeks ago, we had unprotected sex and he came in me, but he did buy me a plan B the following morning

yesterday I tried to eat breakfast but kimda forced myself to eat so later on in thr day I felr nauseous and even through thr night until I actuallu threw up at work I felt fine for awhile until thr nausea came back with body pains but I havent puked again, I'm feeling a little bit nauseous again this morning but I havent ate anything yet

my sister threw up last night out of the blue, she may be sick and it seems "something" is going around

ive been noticing I'm losing weight especially my boobs, so idk if I am pregnant or not or its just me getting a stomach virus all of a sudden because i usually do not like to puke, I hate it


ive been having a monthly period Since then, I'm going to get birth control this Thursday, do they have to test for pregnancy before doing that? if so I was just going to wait until then

My body feels tired, like I'm getting weaker and weaker

I don't feel I got good rest last night anyway

I really dont want to be pregnant but I will not abort it if I come to find out i am