My mom has never respected my parenting style or listened to how I want Daniel raised. She thinks my ideas are ridiculous like no blankets or stuffed animals in his crib. She thinks I just try to act like I’m the best mom in the world. All I care about is keeping my son safe and happy. This morning I was helping my mom move heavy boxes. She was feeding Daniel his breakfast of applesauce and infant cereal. I came in to ask where she wanted a certain box moved to her putting honey in his baby cereal because the applesauce was too bitter. I freaked out and took the baby away from her. She insulted me saying that I believe everything I read on google. She also said that I have outrageous parenting ideas. She said I’m a horrible mom. Basically she had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her give him honey. She gave me and my siblings honey so it’s fine for my 9 month old baby. I told her it was not fine and could potentially make him very sick. She still doesn’t believe me. She is no longer allowed to be alone with my baby. Even if I’m in the other room. Some things I can look past but this could’ve been disastrous.