3 people dreamed it. It must be true! Right?!

Alicia β€’

UPDATE: took a test today at 12 DPO And it was a BFN. Praying it was still too early to get my BFP. Ugh 😭😭😭

UPDATE 2: AF is 4 days late. 2 BFN. no symptoms of AF what so ever. So well keep testing!

I'm 12 dpo. AF doesn't feel like she's coming yet. I ALWAYS get her between the 11-13 of every month. It's the 12th. I don't feel it. Also had three people in my family now have a dream someone was pregnant with a girl. Or I was! Everyone of childbearing age has been ruled out by AF except for me! I'm just so nervous to test. I don't want to be disappointed!

I've been super emotional. Weird tugging/pulling/bubbling in my lower abdomen. Twinges on my left side. Had very light spotting 8 and 9 DPO. Been exhausted. Either had very lose BM (tmi) 1-6 DPO and have been constipated 8-11 DPO. either extremely nauseous or I want to eat everything.

I truly pray this will be our BFP this month!!