Birth Control


I have been on birth control since I was 13. I’m 26 now. 6 years ago I had a car wreck & suffered a brain injury. I was living at a Vocational Rehabilitation Center for almost 4 years.

Now my real post. I am on birth control pills. Somehow I missed days & got off track. Well I asked a “nurse” at the rehabilitation center & she told me to just keep taking that month. Because when I told her I was spotting she said, “you haven’t messed up on it. Spotting just happens when you get old. I do that all the time.”

Ok, she is in her 50s, I am 26. Spotting isn’t normal for me! So because they control my medicine & when I take it; I finished the month.

I left the center for good like a week ago. So I didn’t start a new month of birth control to try to get back on track. My doctor told me that wasn’t a good idea because if sexually active... well I know that! & I’m gonna be extra careful. I know this. I am 26 years old!