Can’t believe it is happening


With my 8 year old being a high risk and having 3 miscarriages after her and then years of trying to get pregnant and not having luck. Gave up on trying.. after getting married in may my wife and I realized we really wanted a baby. I figured it would be worthless for me to even try after what has already happened in the past thinking how could one ever go through that again. But I put that aside gave in and I order a diva cup from amazon 🤣 and a syringe drove 3 hours each way just to meet up with my friend who was donating us his sperm I did that 3 times in one week during my highest ovulation days! It was my first time actually trying insemination. On November 3 rd I realized I didn’t get my period and was 3 days passed due I took 6 at home test within two days and all came out positive. I cried like a baby. Here I am 10 weeks and 2 days and we got to see our lil baby.. with a heartbeat of 172

Never give up on something you really want! It took me years and here I am!