He’s finally here


My due date was originally December 13, 2017 but at my 40 week check up after only being 2 cm since 37 weeks my doctor asked me did I want to schedule a induction because they don’t let you go a week over where I go and I gladly obliged. I was so ready to meet my baby. We scheduled it for December 15. I came to the Women’s Pavillon at 6:30 that morning and got started on my pitocin. 6 hours in and I caved in to the epidural... I went from 2cm to 3 and stayed there for about 3 hours and they upped my pitocin dose. Next time they checked I was at 6cm, and about 2 hours later my epidural wore off in my back and on my right side and I felt a lot of pressure in my butt, my nurse checked me and I was 10 cm and she could feel his head and it was time to push. I pushed no more than 10 minutes and he was out. My big baby was 8lbs 7oz, he came out and didn’t cry until they suctioned him and he cried and then I cried lol... I am really in love and couldn’t be more proud and happy that I’m his mother in