Anger issues!


Hi lady's I'm about 3 weeks PP

And I have a question has anyone els feel anger towards there husband?

So you all know we barley get any sleep and in between sleeping if you have more kids like I do it's hard it's like 24/7 go

Anyways so my husband said a comments to me yesterday saying we live like pigs our I do because there's clothes that haven't been folded and my room was messy. So you know I'm thinking this F ass hole whatever I can only do so much.

So tonight he's feeling good he's got few beers in him he's all fine and dandy!

So it's late and he's in bed wanting to fool around one thing led to another and things went down if you get what I mean.

Afterward was fine but baby wakes up she's hungry diaper change and everything

She's been fussy 2 hours now it's almost 4am and his ass is dead asleep I haven't been to bed yet so I got frustrated and these thoughts are running threw my head like angry thoughts of how much anger i have towards my husband I've never had this before i really am mad and it's like to him oh everything is he ok now witch i thought it was but it's obviously still bothering me