Autistic baby?

Okay so I would like to hear from other moms who have autistic children bc my baby girl is showing early signs but I’m not really sure because I don’t really know much about it. She is 8 months old and is difficult to get to smile or laugh... she doesn’t respond to her name very often. She has just started saying “bababa” but not very often and she definitely won’t mimic it when I say it or anything else I try to get her to say. She doesn’t crawl yet which I’m aware she’s not technically late on that just yet. She has always been a very finicky eater... we started solids at 6 months but she would just spit it out. Now, she’s still not eager to eat baby food and doesn’t eat much of it either and is easily gagged. All this being said... she makes eye contact with me... she looks up at me while nursing and just stares at me sometimes. She acts excited when we walk in her room in the morning... she screeches and kicks her legs. She likes to be held also all of those things she does just not very much... so I’m not sure. We are having her hearing tested Wednesday to rule that out but I’m honestly not concerned that anything is wrong with her hearing. I would just like to hear everyone else’s thoughts and opinions on this... thanks!