AF coming


m convinced I'm out for christmas. barely saw a tinge of pink this morning when I went per, got a BFN on yet another test at 12 dpo. And to add to that, I am now getting slight cramping that feels like AF. not painful but enough to let me.know it's there. I'm done tracking, testing, temping. im done with it all. It is all too much stress on me. I've seen sooo many stories where couples here got their bfp when they stopped trying. I want to enjoy sex with my husband so this next cycle we are just winging it. hopefully it works. I would like to have a baby born by end of 2018 so I have time. Food luck to you all. I'll still be following you all but not tracking anything. I love seeing the stories. they give me hope. haven't been ttc long but I stress easy so maybe for me, this is best.