How I got my BFP Christmas Miracle

Jazz • Married with one little girl 🤗💕

After 3 months of stressing, peeing on ovulation sticks everyday, checking my CM, wasting money on tons of pregnancy tests, I finally put it all in God’s hands & got my BFP!

I prayed & I prayed. Everyday I said, “I’m trusting you God”. I deleted this app, because I was becoming too obsessive over it. I did not use any OPKs. If I wanted a cup of coffee, I would drink about it & not feel bad because if it was my time, it would be my time no matter if I had a few cups of coffee while TTC. We BD when we felt like it, not because we felt WE HAD TO in order to get pregnant. I took my prenatals, Vitamin C & geritol. LITERALLY THEY SAY, THERES A BABY AT THE END OF EVERY BOTTLE & I took my last tsp yesterday and GOT MY BFP TODAY!

everytime I thought about am I pregnant? I said to myself, God I’m trusting you.

My symptoms:

- I got a cold ( and still have one now).

- Naps, naps, & more naps. Was sleep by 7:30 every night, (which I thought maybe because I was getting sick)

-Breast tenderness, a little under my armpit

- Not a crazy amount of CM which I thought I would have.

BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!! Less stress, more faith. Thank you God!