Oh I’m so hurt , is it ever okay for a man to talk about his woman’s body ? I


Alright so I’m very upset right now I’m very petite this is about bodies so I can go a little bit into details about mine I’m slim I’m a size b in bras and I don’t have a huge ass I have a nice ass but I’m skinny and every person I have met they have told me I have a beautiful shape i take pride in working out so to me I was just fine . this morning me and my significant other where having a convo somehow we ended up talking about exes and then I said where they are not pretty and he said well they have a body you have the face they have a body you have something they don’t have and they have something you don’t have ... I think that was unnecessary and harsh he keeps going at it saying he likes the way I look and my body if not he wouldn’t be with me but him saying I have no shape really pissed me off and now I’m feeling so insecure . He is away working for weeks at the time and to hear that he is attracted more to something else Kinda messed me up he is almost 10 years alder than me and he only dated women that where older so the women he dated where either reaching 40

Or mid 30’s don’t understand how he could ever compare a woman’s body changes with time I’m still 25 .. idk I’m feeling so insecure right now ... the fact that I’m 17 weeks pregnant and my body is changing I think the comments were unnecessary

Me before pre pregnancy