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So I’m in doubt just a little. Below is a little time line.

12/4/17- I took the Ovidrel shot.

12/6/17- Egg Retrieval (11 eggs)

12/8/17- 11 Fertilized

12/11/17- 5 eggs went to blastocyst. 1 transferred and 4 frozen for the further.

12/14/17- I took a pregnancy as you see below but it was negative with nothing.

12/15/17- I took a test and it was also nothing.

12/16/17- I took 2 test in the morning and 1 this evening which is the image below. And then took at 4th test at like midnight and got a very faint line (second picture. The top one)

12/17/17- I took one at 6am and then one at 12:30pm. The second image (middle one is the 6am and the last one is the 12:30pm.

What do you guys think?

Thank you :)