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Okay so I had my first bf in 10th grade ( it lasted about 5-6 months) it was amazing in the beginning but as time went by he started getting dull with me and would ignore me for days so I broke up with him. For months I asked myself " what is wrong with me why didn't he give me the attention I deserve?" Later on I found out through one of my friends that he said I was "boring" and if I would of sent nudes he would've stayed with me. I was soo heartbroken💔 because my dumbass thought it was true love😒 I'm a junior (11th) now and he moved schools it was relief not seeing him in the halls anymore. Time passes and I meet a guy who is the sweetest gentleman ever! He gave me a rose and a teddy bear and ask me to be his girlfriend. He offered to meet with my parents. And he looks like he'll treat me right. There's one problem tho. I'm not attracted to him and I don't see him as anything more than a friend. 😭 I also find out that my ex wants to start talking to me and he gonna move back to my school!!! 😫😫I can't get him off my mind (there's more fucked up shit that he did. I'm just to lazy to type it all) but despite all the things he has done I hate myself for still having feelings for him. I'm lost. Can I get y'alls advice from all the ladies who have had relationship experience