Hi fellow <a href="">eve</a>-ers, Im in a bit of a pickle and I knew I could count on the community to help me. You see, for most of my life I've never had bad acne but now that I've gone to college my face is almost completely covered in bright red cystic acne (my doctor is in the process of putting me on accutane for it). But my parents surprised me with a trip to Orlando (I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, it's a dream come true) and it's going to be sunny and hot there. I've never had thi s type of acne during hot, sunny weather- only during late fall/winter. how do I put sunblock on/reapply with make up? or is there anything I sh

ould know that will make it easier to cover up my acne and still feel confident enough to be in pictures????

Thank you all so much in advance, I'm kinda terrified if you can't tell.