ovulation symptoms horrible


My Dr. put me on femara this cycle and I took it on cds 3-7. It is my first time taking any kind of <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">fertility treatment</a>. I got a positive opk on December 13th which puts me at 3dpo according to the apps I have. I know this is NOT early pregnancy symptoms but I feel horrible. I feel 100 times worse than I usually do after ovulating. I have a horrible head ache, breasts feel odd (not the usual feeling after ovulation), I am cramping from both my left and right sides (I usually only cramp from one side), any food I eat tastes horrible and all I want to do is sleep. has anyone else had this to happen to them after ovulation while taking femara. is it a side effect of femara or has the femara just enhanced everything this month. If this is how femara makes you feel during and after ovulation I am not sure I can handle taking it again