Advice needed , serious inquiries only !


Setting : I live with my godmother , which is my gf's aunt/cousin .

so last night my godmother neice which is considered my GF cousin but idk if they related or not but she slept in my room she 25 & she's a FULL BLOWN STUD so first she just cuddled with my feet (she laid at the bottom) & her little brother laid by her & her little cousin laid by me so yeah & when they fell asleep she started caressing my leg , I was (half-sleep) & woke up heart beating fast , frozed & shocked but I didn't move & so she started going up to my things & rubbing my butt but didnt move or say nothing . I just laid praying for her to stop & like 20mins or something later she asked me to go further & she asked me was I scared & I said no & she asked can she rub my butt & I said "no" & she said "I already did" but ig she saw I wasn't feeling her so she stopped & all morning all I could think about was that what should I do ? pleaseee help 😩