My demonic presencešŸ˜”


(Longgg story)so their is a shed and note that the shed is realllly old and had is like historical but anyways itā€™s on our property but about 11 years ago we sold it to my moms sister aunt Mandy and she built her house right beside it... well me and her daughter (my cousin) lainey were playing ball just bouncing it back in fourth right beside the shed and what my aunt made with was ā€œthe secret gardenā€ as she called it. It had a hammock and angel statues and loads of old bricks and stones from the shed. Be aware that my grandma lived in this house before we did and it is well over 40 years old.... but lainey got called inside to do homework so my big cousin jaron came and played ball and whispered did you hear about the old man? He asked me I said nooo he said whale stop bouncing Th ball and listen so I held the ball and I listened and right then was a old man kind of moan like someone was suffering he said he hasnā€™t went in the secret garden or even that woods wear his fort and tree house was because of what the old man would whisper through the woods. Now this is a long story should a make a part two?