Hello everyone. So when my baby was born the hospital gives you a free gift of a little photo shoot they give every family that gives birth at that hospital. Now my SO's sister saw some of the pictures and told their mom about it. The thing is I don't want anyone to have these pictures because they were just suppose to be from me and my SO. He doesn't see the problem with giving his family the pictures. But whenever we are over at his mom's house she takes picture after picture of her and it drives me nuts. She has never asked once if she could take a picture she just does it. It's just been a problem from the day my baby was born. My family understands and doesn't take pictures. But his doesn't and he doesn't see anything wrong. I'm I being a bitch about this? Am I being unfair? I have talked to my little sisters about this and they both said it's my baby. I shouldn't have to give them anything and it's unfair that they are asking for every picture of her when they have so many already. I hate putting my SO in the middle of things but frankly he needs to pick. Myself and his daughter or his mom and his sister.