Im 31 weeks and i am in so much pain. my lower back hurts and she is so low and puting so much pressure down low i can barley walk as it feels like she could fall out (feels like i could just reach in and feel her head or something.) if i stand or walk to much i see spots and get lightheaded, start feeling sick and get a headache. my feet also swell up some and my legs get real pale. My body feels like i could go into labor at anytime, is this normal? im in so much pain i can barley sleep. i think ive had a few contractions but being a ftm idk exactly what im looking for. Is all this normal for being 31 weeks? Should i be worried or say something to my ob. i dont think i have pre eclampsia because my blood pressure runs really low so i dont think i have to worry abkut the swelling

EDIT: Shes also been moving less than normal. When laying diwn sge would normally make my belly go crazy and now she just gives me littlee hits or kicks and thats it