6 month old won’t sleep

Alisha • Baby Kuritz #2 on the way 🥰

Help me... it takes me hours at night to get my little girl to sleep. Idk what else to do. It kills me to let her cry it out(which I tried last night and only made it 10 minutes). I rock her and pretty much get her to sleep and put her in her crib with her paci then a few minutes later she wakes up screaming! The other day it took me almost 4 hours to put her to bed... and I know she is tired. Please help if there’s any ideas you ladies have!


She takes great naps during the day! Every other night we do bath time and she immediately knows it’s bottle and bed time, but she still fights it! I mean arches her back and everything. I thought she was overtired so I tried putting her down at 7 the other night and still the same thing! We have a white noise machine every night for her. I will admit she is not on a strict routine so I will try and do a better job with that!