January baby decided to come early! (Birth story)


At 37 weeks and 4 days, my water broke at home. Luckily, my SO had not went to work yet. He was panicking more than I was 😂. I called my OB and they said come in for an appointment at 1:10pm because they had to make sure it was really my water.

I arrived at the office to be checked and the nurse practitioner didn't even have to use the testing stripes because she could see it leaking! It was baby time!

They transferred me downstairs to labor and delivery to get me in my room. I told the nurses from the get-go that I wanted to deliver without an epidural. They supported my decision, but reminded me that I could change my mind any time. They checked me and got everything set up and I was at 3cm.

They start the pitocin because my contractions weren't strong enough yet. Once that started, I progressed very quickly! At the next check that they did I was 6cm!

I finally asked the nurse if I could get up and walk and she let me. I walked to the bathroom, and had 3 contractions that were very strong in that time frame. I told my nurse, who was amazing by the way, that I felt like I needed to push. She said not to because I probably wasn't fully dilated yet. She got me back into the bed for another check. Before she could start, I told her that the baby was coming!

She called my dr to come down. I was in a horrible amount of pain and practically crying saying "I can't do this!"

My nurse was an angel! She sat with me as it was time to push and coached me, along with my wonderful man ❤️ without them, I would have given in and had pain medicine.

When the dr came in, I only pushed 3 times for maybe a total of 10 minutes! I am so proud of myself for accomplishing my goal of doing it without an epidural.

My due date was January 7, 2018, but my little baby decided December 20, 2017 was better! He is the best Christmas present I've ever received ❤️😍