Is it implantation?


I probably am doing the absolute opposite of the right thing and am scouring the internet for answers and am scaring myself. There are other older threads relating to this but none of them were updated with answers. I'm hoping someone here will be able to give me a little insight.

The first day of my last period was December 4th, and my cycle is 25 days. Like so exact you could set your watch to it.

I went away with my boyfriend last Saturday the 17th and we had sex where he just pulled out. My fertile window according to the app was the 12-18.

(Sorry for the visual but it's kind of necessary) Friday at work, I went to the bathroom and notice when I wiped that there was a little mucus-y discharge with a little pink and brown in it, but otherwise kind of clear. There was a small darker red spot by itself, almost clot-like. It was only in that one instance and has not happened since.

Now I did just start a new job so initially thought it might simply be stress-related. But now because I'm searching everything online, it has me anxious and paranoid that it was implantation bleeding.

Does this sound similar to anything you've experienced? If you did find you were pregnant, how early did you get a correct result on a home pregnancy test? Do you think it definitely could be implantation? Am I just overthinking?