So angry!

🌸Kiara🌸 • ❤️Happily Taken❤️

I’m sorry ladies but I need to rant for a moment. So as you all know it’s Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>. Time to spend time with your loved ones and all that.

My boyfriend and I share a place so I was really hoping that we could stay home together and watch movies since my job closed early today.

I wanted to just come home and hang out with him but I guess that’s not what he had planned. So I get off work and he tells me that two of his friends are coming over and today is Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>! I’m like really!?

Then he proceeded to tell me that they’re staying the night! I’m like How stupid can you be? He’s always complaining about being tired and his body hurting but he clearly has the energy to smoke and have fun with his friends but it’s a problem when we go out on a date for just an hour and a half which isn’t long at all. We don’t get to hang out much because of our schedules so when we have a day off together I want to spend time together. I’m just so angry and upset because he chose them over me. I really don’t think he thinks before he acts. I told him I just wanted it to be just him and I but he always makes me feel guilty about things like that so I eventually just give in.

I plan on leaving his ass here by himself and drive to aunts house since that’s where we’re going to be tomorrow morning. I refuse to spend another Christmas alone again.

So sorry for the rant. Merry Christmas 🎄