Boyfriend out of town and it’s like I don’t exist anymore

Julie • Braxston Asher 3/9/2020💙💙

My boyfriend is in the Army and they are on leave for winter break and so he is back home for the holidays. He has been gone a week and the only times I have heard from him is because he needed a favor and to ask how is car is doing since it’s at my house. We have also snap chatted for a bit but that’s it. Now I understand he hasn’t seen his family in 9 months and I don’t mean we have to talk 24/7 but a simple short phone call or goodnight or good morning text would be nice but I haven’t gotten anything. Part of me thinks I’m overreacting but another part of me is like well maybe he doesn’t miss me at all, or hasn’t thought of me at all. Can I get some of your guys thoughts. Oh and merry Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> everyone