Relationship Advice

I have been with my fiancee since since we were both 17 years old (now 26). Our relationships hasn't always been the best just like any other relationship but now things don't seem to be going as planned lately. We have been TTC baby #2 after a miscarriage years ago and found out some time ago that I now have scarred / blocked tubes which could have occurred after a previous surgery or my miscarriage according to my doctor. Through the many problems we have had, we have always been able to communicate and get passed them over time of course but lately I'm not sure where this relationship may go. For some time now, on the weekend (90% of time), my fiancee likes to go clubbing, I have told him several times how i feel about him clubbing (although I have a hard time expressing my feelings) and he admits his wrong doings and continues to say he will work on them, but it's not easy. I'm having a hard time understanding how can someone be addicted to clubbing. I have been out with him a few times (although I'm not a clubbing type) and all he does is drink (rarely gets stupid drunk) and vibe to the music. I'm not the type that wants to continuously be under my man because I also have friends that want to hangout and do girl things. I'm not sure how I feel anymore only because I shouldn't have to repeat myself over and over for you to unserstand, I dont like what you do. I just need some advice on what shall I do. is it possible counseling will work, or shall I call quits, or stay and hopefully things will work out for the better.

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