Make me feel less stressed

So I know the likelihood is slim and I’m probably going to test closer to my period anyways but typing it out and having y’all tell me not to worry has made me feel better before so I’m just gonna run this by everyone:

Toward the end of my period where it was mostly just spotting left my boyfriend and I were messing around after showering together. We were both naked and he was fingering me. He made sure not to get his penis too close but he was dripping precum a lot and was nervous that some might have dropped into me. I spotted for two more days after that and it was really really dark brown. Since then I’ve been really tired, but I’ve also been getting less sleep to talk to my mom while I’m home for Christmas break and I’ve been working out and not taking naps like I did during the semester. Ive also had a weird discharge when I orgasm that comes out as little flakes that almost resemble tiny toilet paper pieces only gooey-er and honestly probably could be 🙃I’ve been constipated but I’ve also been eating nasty for the holidays 😅. I’ve also been moody but I also mostly chalk that up to the lack of sleep, nagging family members, and paranoia of pregnancy. So basically, I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant, but I’ve worried myself into almost believing that I might be. I also seemed to ovulate like normal, which may also take care of some of those symptoms.

Idk I just need input and my nerves to be chilled out. Like I know I was on my period and there was a minimal chance anything even dropped NEAR my vagina but I have a lot of stress going on so I just want some feedback, please.