best way out


I'm 26 and my baby father is 25 he is sweet don't get me wrong and sometimes he is not we been going through things from relationship problems to domestic violence I filed a report but I got scared to go on my court date after that I decide to give him a chance only cause of his son but now it's hard he use to tell me he wanted a job but barley look like I help him he didn't get me or his son anything for Christmas I haven't gotten anything since mother's day every since then I've been spoiling him the way he should with me it's Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>/day and he chose to be out with his friends or with his side chick I'm not sure I get a gut feeling that he is using me just for money and a place to stay I've been saving up for a trip to Colorado for new year's and we haven't planned it fully out what should I do I wanna leave but I'm scared he will hurt me