My boyfriend might be bipolar

My boyfriend and I are both 14. We have been dating for about 2 months. During these two months he was really weird. A lots of thing happened, weird things. He once ate a dog sleeping pill, then became hyper for about 10 minutes (laughing and saying dirty stuff)and passed out. (He was texting me and video calling me during that incident) I was freaking out after he passed out. About an hour later, he texted me saying he’s okay. And i was like hell no tell your parents. He was stubborn at first, then he told his mom. He said that his mom said there will be no side affects from the dog sleeping pill. IT SOUNDS WEIRD RIGHT? I KNOW. And one time he accidentally drank alcohol from his sister. He was crazy. I texted him just like always that day. He responded to me, “who are you.” I was like wtf. My profile picture is a snowman, so he called me snowman at that time. Then, i lost my patience and video called him. During the video call, he keep saying who are you i don’t remember and whats my name again. OML i was literally crying. Then he passed out again leaving the call. And then he texted me, “ he died, this is his father.”

I was shocked and idk how to explain it. Then he said, “jk”. I was mad but glad that he’s alive. And there are a bunch of weird things. Yesterday is this...he is becoming bipolar.

HELP ME PLEASE GUYS....idk what to do with this boy anymore😩😔

*sorry if my grammar is bad,English is not my first language.