Dear Friend/ex-friend/????

You don’t care. Your boyfriend helped another girl bully me and when it happened just stood there and laughed, I told you and you didn’t care. You didn’t talk to him. I told you why I couldn’t, you were well aware of the fact that he had been treating like I don’t exist for a year now, and you didn’t care. I was there for you earlier this year when he started to cheat on you with the other girl (who I honestly think is a better friend then you), I cared, I supported you, but you failed to be there for me. Part of this is my fault and I’m willing to admit that. I don’t think that I really ever truly shared what I was feeling to you, I couldn’t bring myself for the fear that you would tell everyone. I wrote that note, the one telling him that you chose your friends over your boyfriend and pressured you to send it, and for that I’m sorry, but you could’ve just told me that you didn’t want to send it instead of sending then blaming me and calling me a danger to everyone and that you were scared of what I was going to do to you if you didn’t send it. When did I become this.... this villain to you, when did I go wrong. When I found out about what you said, on top of the whole bullying thing, I broke. I don’t cry. Sure there’s been a few tears but I don’t cry. That night I cried, I ugly sobbed, I felt like crap, and I cried some more. I never told you that and maybe if I told you things would be different, oh who am I kidding, it wouldn’t change anything.

He broke up with you after your sent that note. He iced you out for a day and I was there for you. I threw all the pain I was feeling to the side so that I could make you feel better. Then he asked for forgiveness (not for me to forgive him, oh no that would NOT happen) and said that he wanted you back and you were uncertain. I was scared and worried to I tried, we all tried, all of our friends tried to reason with you, to convince you to not get back together with that guy. You did any way. I NEVER got an apology from him. I never got an apology from you for that matter for calling me a danger to everyone. I felt betrayed. You cared more about him then about me. I told you that I was mad, and you didn’t care, I told you that i blocked you, and you didn’t care. I told you that if you didn’t start caring that I was done, she didn’t care. I told her that I didn’t what to be her friend anymore, she didn’t care. SHE DIDNT CARE. Now I’m blaming myself, thinking of everything I could’ve done, everything I could’ve said. I know that this isn’t my fault. Right? There’s so many questions I want to ask you but the biggest one is, why, why don’t your care?