5 weeks early but perfect 👌🏿

Mardez • Living the dream...

Savannah Grace apparently wanted us to have a wonderful Christmas! The sweetest gift 🎁God could give us on this day!! 4lbs 15oz, 18 inches long, born at 11:06 am with a head full of hair! She arrived at exactly 35 weeks! Was due on her daddies birthday but decided to come on Jesus Christ celebrated birthday!

Originally, due on her fathers birthday January 29, 2018 but she Graced is on her Heavenly Father’s birthday instead! It is such a blessing ❣️

My birth story is quite interesting.

Let’s just say water broke at 8:15am. We weren’t sure if I was in labor but I was having contractions 4-5 apart after my water broke. The nurse said come in bc I was so early. I arrived at the hospital at about 10am. I was checked and already 9cm. The nurse could see her head and hair. I was immediately taken to delivery room. My doctor had not arrived yet (she actually just had left before I got there) but she came back just in time. With encouragement she came out in 3 pushes! I was in shock! I planned to have her natural (unmedicated) but I didn’t expect it to be so quick. I had a 1 level tear and honestly the stitches were the worst part... I was numb but I really didn’t like it and was a bit scared of being touched down there after everything that had just happened.

She came out so fast, her little face but bruised and blue....she cried so we knew she was okay!

Everyone is doing great! I feel amazing. I had pelvic pain (symphysis pubis dysfunction) since 16 weeks, then hip pain, SI joint pain, carpal tunnel... I feel like it all went away after delivery 🤷🏾‍♀️. Except the carpal tunnel.. I feel so blessed 😊

She looks just like her daddy And nothing like me ❣️ I’m so in love with her though...

Eyes open