Teen pregnancy🤰🏼🎀🍼


Hi I’m 14 and I might be pregnant. My boyfriend and I are excited to say that we might be bringing a baby into the world. We both understand that having a baby takes a lot of work, money, time and love but we couldn’t have more to offer our baby. We are still not 100% sure if I am pregnant yet, but we really hope I am. I’m graduating from high school in two years so my education isn’t at jeopardy. The only thing we are a little stumped by is telling our parents... they will most likely but upset and or blame themselves for us being teen parents but in our eyes this is going to be something that will bring not just our lives individually together but as a couple we well. We have both been through so much bad s**t in our lives so far and the thought of having something in the world to give us a reason to live is outstanding. We can’t wait to find out if we are pregnant!! Any advice for me as a possibly soon to be teen mommy? PLEASE LEAVE POSITIVE COMMENTS! thanks :)