Such a terrible week 😞

Such a terrible week!

before I go into my feelings, I just wanted to say that I randomly came across this page & I couldn’t be happier.

So, I was dating this guy for a year or so. We did long distance for about 4 months and then we decided for me to move and get a house together. So I moved over 500 miles from home. I thought he was my one. Long story short, we went to a friendsmas party and I was looking around wondering where he was. Turns out he was locked in the basement with another chick! When he finally came up I just looked at him and said alright let’s go. Then, five minutes go by and I go up to him and ask him again and he FREAKS out on me. I mean screaming loudly infront of all of these people and then kicked me out of the house and was trash talking me. I went home and he didn’t. I had work the next day and when I came back he went there and packed my stuff in the basement. But still hasn’t talked to me. Now, I’m hearing all the things he’s saying. He was even talking trash about me BEFORE I even moved. But what really hurt me more than this break up is hearing him say “she’s getting so chunky I don’t even want to see her naked in bed anhmore.” & of course I gained some weight before I moved but not that much! Then he proceeded to say “im not sure who’s telling her all this because I told everyone haha.” He changed the locks and everything. Also, they day this all happened he was being so lovey Towards me and then BOOM immediately hated.

Im just hurt that the person I thought loved me and had my back was the person who was putting me down to everyone and I never knew!