I wish I was a normal pregnant woman 😔


I’m so jealous and happy for all you beautiful pregnant women. However, I feel like so sad that I have so many problems when it comes to pregnancies. I am expecting my 2nd daughter and last baby. I am currently 24 weeks praying and hoping I make at least 8 more weeks. I have incompetent cervix and my cervix is thinning. I am on modified bed rest. I am sad because I also have a 10 month old baby girl I have to take care of. I wish I can be a normal pregnant woman who does not fear anything and can be walking all the time they’d like. My last pregnancy was such a journey. I was 19 weeks when I had my anatomy scan and they sent me to the hospital because I was going to lose my daughter. I was dilated to 5cm and I had to get an emergency cerclage. I was so terrified and scared of losing my daughter. However, everything went well and I was on strict bed rest for all the remaining of my pregnancy I would only get up to pee to and to go anywhere I’d use a wheel chair and to shower I had to use a chair. I made it to 37 weeks thanks to god my baby was born healthy weighing 5pds. I am just so scared this time because I got my preventive cerclage at 14 weeks and I was doing well until now. It kills me when I walk or carry my lil one. I have so much pain. I just wish time can fly and I can make it another couple of weeks.